Should Paint be Shaken or Stirred Before Use?

Mixing Paint

If you’re wondering if paint should be shaken or stirred before use, then you’re in the right place. Paint can be a tricky thing. On the surface, painting seems simple. However, anyone who has painted for a little while knows that the details matter.  Both shaking and stirring your paint can be helpful before use. Many hardware stores will shake …

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Can I Mix Interior and Exterior House Paint

mixing paint

So, you have been painting your house and find yourself at an impasse – you realize you don’t have enough paint to finish the master bedroom. Then, a brilliant idea pops into your head. You have a half-gallon of the same color paint, but it’s exterior paint, so you ask yourself: Can I mix interior and exterior house paint?  The …

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How to Build a DIY Outdoor Sofa with Cushions

DIY outdoor sofa with cushions

If you’re a DIYer looking to make your own custom patio seating or simply looking for outdoor furniture ideas, check out this DIY Outdoor Sofa with Cushions that I’ve built for my sister-in-law. I’ve also created plans in PDF format that you could download and print while working on the project. You could easily modify these plans to fit your …

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How to Use Sandbox as a Vegetable Planter

In our backyards, we have lots of different pots and pans with vegetable and herb plants. Some of the plants have been planted by our kids. They love to take care of them and see how they grow. To add more plants, we decided to convert an old turtle sandbox into a vegetable planter. We also installed a Gardena Sprinkler …

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How Much Weight Can I Hang on a Door?

DIY Back of Door Shelf

Have you ever stopped and wondered, how much weight can I hang on this door? If you have, then this article will help you decide. Doors come in thousands of shapes and sizes. In this article, I will share the principles needed to determine how much weight your door can hold.  In general, an interior door in a residential house can hold …

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What is the Symbol of Feet and Inches in Woodworking

feet and inches symbol

Today we’ll learn about the symbol for feet and inches. If you’re used to the metric system, this will be a good article to help you understand the U.S system of measurement and how to convert between the two systems.  Feet are represented in two popular ways. First, there is the letter abbreviation “ft.” Second, you can use a single …

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