Is Storing Lithium-ion Batteries in a Garage Safe?

Should you store lithium-ion batteries in the garage? Lithium-ion batteries are a great technology, but they do require some care. In this guide, we’ll talk about when how to store lithium-ion batteries to ensure the longest and safest lifespan.  If the environment is controlled, it is usually safe to store lithium-ion batteries in the garage. However, if the garage has …

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How Long Will a Battery-Powered Drill Last?

Power battery drill

Everyone knows how frustrating it is when a powered drill begins to die. Many of us want our tools to last as long as possible. In this article, we’ll talk about how long the battery packs often last and how long you can expect from the drill itself.  If you’re looking for an exact number on how long a battery-powered …

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Which Screw Head is Strongest? 

Screw Head

Are you sick of stripping screws? Maybe you’ve ruined your last project and now you’re wondering which screw head is the strongest? In this article, we’ll dive into what makes a screw-head strong and why all screws are not super strong.  The strongest screw heads are typically star-shaped, Torx bits, or square-shaped, Roberts bits. However, a well-fitted Philips head is also strong. …

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Does a Leaf Blower Work on Grass? 

blower on leafs

You’ve seen those leaf blowers in use, but now you’re wondering if they really work on grass. Leaf blowers are commonly used to clean the dust off a cement patio or to clear light snow, but do they work on the grass? In this article, we’ll answer whether leaf blowers work on the grass and if they can effectively move …

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Why Aren’t All Screws Philips?

phillips screws

Have you ever wondered why all screws don’t just use the Philips bit? Well, in this article, we’ll explain why! It can be frustrating to have to constantly change bits, but there are reasons for so many types of screws.  There are many reasons why all screws don’t universally use Philips head bits and screwdrivers. For one thing, history has …

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Why Don’t all Screws Have the Same Head? 

different screw heads

Why don’t all screws have the same head? That’s a good question. At some level, it would make sense for all screw heads to be uniform. Just like we all drive on one side of the road, shouldn’t we all use the same screw head type? Let’s find out.  There are many reasons that all screws do not have the …

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