Homary Swivel Office Chair Review

Homary Swivel Office Chair

Recently I’ve made a tabletop for an adjustable standing desk, and as an addition to this desk, I received a Swivel Office Chair from Homary.com. In this article, I will write a short review of the chair and Homary.  About Homary Homary is an online home improvement and decor platform based in Ontario, CA. Over the past few years, it …

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How to Make a DIY Wood Towel Holder Ring with a Shelf

DIY wood towel holder ring

Finding a good location to hang your towels in the bathroom could be a challenge, especially if you’re limited on wall space. But it makes it even more challenging if you have kids. If the towel bar is attached to drywall, eventually the bar might be ripped off the wall and you’ll end up with a big hole. Having this …

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How to Win a Triangle Peg Game

DIY Triangle Peg Game

Have you ever wanted to win a triangle peg game to impress your friends? Follow these 13 steps to win the game. The game starts with pegs in each hole except one. You need to jump the pegs one at a time removing the jumped peg. The goal is to have one peg remain. If you’re interested in building your …

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