How to Build a Giant DIY Kerplunk Game for Outdoors

giant DIY kerplunk game

Here’s another fun game to play for all ages, especially for kids. It’s called a Kerplunk Game. The original Kerplunk game is small, made from plastic, and is mainly for indoor use. But to make it more interesting and to encourage kids to spend more time outdoors, I’ve built a Giant DIY Kerplunk Game with a wire mesh screen. This …

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How to Build a DIY Kids Table Made Like a Jigsaw Puzzle

DIY Kids Table Made as Jigsaw Puzzle

Every kid’s playroom should be a place where fun and imagination run free. The best kind of playroom is one where all the furniture is kid furniture. If you’re looking to build something creative for your little ones, try this DIY kids table made like a jigsaw puzzle. You could take this table apart and use it as an individual stepping stool, or …

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How to Build a DIY Wooden Ladder Toss Game

Now that you’re done with the project, paint each dowel a different color for keeping the score easier. Then paint the rest of the ladder toss game with exterior paint to protect the wood. You’re done with a DIY ladder toss game. Enjoy!

If you’re looking for a good lawn game to add to your next barbecue get-together party, check out this DIY Ladder Toss Game I made from 2x4s. It takes only a few hours to build it. If you haven’t yet discovered the world of ladder toss, you are certainly missing out. Ladder toss is a simple game to understand but …

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How to Make a DIY Memory Chess Game

DIY memory chess game

Playing memory games is full of fun for people of all age groups. Not only do these games provide you with a brain gym, but they also help you to socialize. There are various types of memory games available out there, such as memory card games, concentration games, memory testing games, memory word games, and much more. One of the …

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How to Build a Wooden DIY Wall Ball Maze Game

If you have a party coming up and you’re looking for a challenging and fun activity for your friends, one option is to build a wooden DIY wall ball maze game. This is an awesome game for any age group and could be used both outdoor and indoor. Once in a while, I build things using leftover wood from my …

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How to Build a DIY Sand and Water Play Table for Kids

Kids love playing with water. Whether it’s in the bathtub, running through water puddles, or simply splashing in the pool. Water play stimulates their senses (touch, sound, sight) and is oftentimes calming. There are many different ways kids could play with water and one of them is to build a DIY Sand and Water Play Table. Follow the plans I …

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