How to Build a DIY Rabbit Hutch for Indoor and Outdoor

DIY rabbit hutch for indoor and outdoor

Looking for a cute, interactive pet to add to your home. What about bunnies? These creatures make great indoor pets. But before getting the rabbits, they will need a hutch to live in. To solve this problem, I’ve made detailed plans on how to build a DIY rabbit hutch that could be used indoor and outdoor.  The hutch has a …

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How to Build a DIY Shelf for a 3D Printer

diy shelf for a 3D printer

Just recently we bought an Ender 5 plus 3D printer that has a large printing surface. After having the printer run for few hours, I’ve noticed the smell that filled up the room from fumes of melting PLA at the print head. I figured that breathing those fumes from melting plastic can’t be too good for my health. Also, having …

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How to Build DIY Shed Cabinets with Shelves

DIY shed Cabinets with Shelves

Tired of stumbling over lawn tools and clutter in your shed? Sheds can easily become clutter-catchers for unused items all too easily. A well-organized shed, on the other hand, allows you to easily find what you need, store things between uses, and make the best use of your shed space. One of the ways to keep the shed well-organized is …

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How to Build a DIY Workout Bench Press

DIY Workout Bench Press

We all know that exercising is important to our health. Weight training keeps our bones strong; it staves off disease, boosts metabolism, and promotes fat loss. But what if you don’t have access to a gym to exercise? What if your budget does not allow you to get monthly gym subscription? The solution to this problem is quite simple. Build …

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How to Build a DIY Mobile Tool Cart with Pegboard

DIY Mobile Tool Cart with Pegboard

Usually, when the weather is nice, I like to work outside in my backyard on different wood projects. But once I’m done for the day, it takes a lot of time to get all the tools back into the garage. To solve this problem, I’ve built a DIY Mobile Tool Cart with Pegboard so that I could easily move my …

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How to Install and Organize DIY Pegboard Wall

DIY Pegboard Wall

After building wall mounted garage cabinets and cabinets with drawers it was time to build a DIY Pegboard Wall. This week I took the time to work on a pegboard that’s attached to the wall between the upper and lower garage cabinets. At the end of this post, I included the before picture of how my garage used to look before these last few …

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