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Hey! I’m Viktor. I’m married to my beautiful wife Julie and have three wonderful kids, Alex, Jason and Jasmine. We live in Sacramento CA and attend House of Bread Christian Church. We strive to live our lives by the word of God and life of Jesus Christ.

Viktor's Family

My background

When I graduated from college, I was hired at a residential heating and air company to install AC units and ducts in attics. After 3 years I was transferred to a CAD department to draw all sorts of sheet metal stuff using 3D software.  I would draw roof chimney tops, louvers/vents, wall caps… and so on.  After that, I went to work for a commercial heating and air company drawing large metal ducts and equipment for large commercial buildings.


Back in 2010 my wife and I bought our first house together for a really good price. A good price, however, means not so perfect condition.  The house required a bunch of work to be done both outside and inside. I quickly realized how expensive it was to hire someone to work on our home, especially in California. So I bought myself a few basic tools and got to work remodeling.

When our kids started school and had to do their homework, they’d spent a lot of time at the dining table coloring and writing. Most of the furniture we had at the time was made from the typical, cheap particleboard that is faced with layers of plastic veneer. After some time, this table became a mess! It was scratched up and the plastic veneer started to peel off. Buying a new table was not an option since it would not last long with small kids. So I searched for DIY dining tables online and found a table on the Shanty-2-Chic website. I built my first, solid wood table that could withstand beating and scratching. Not only did I build a table for our home, but I also sold about 10 of these tables and recovered the cost of all the tools that I previously purchased.

Since then, I slowly began to build most of the furniture in our home and sold the old particle board furniture. From my many years of experience in 3D modeling, I would draw the furniture on 3D software and create a cut list of exactly how much wood I need to purchase and what to cut. Building became so much easier because I had plans in front of me to follow.

TheDIYPlan Blog

Long before I started building DIY projects, I had an interest in photography. I purchased a Cannon 5D Mark II camera and was using it as a hobby to take pictures of my family. Besides photography, I also learned to build websites using WordPress. I ended up building a few different websites for our church, for the school that our kids go to and several others.  One day as I was creating a cut list for one of my projects, I thought, why can’t I share these with other people who are interested in building? I realized that I have everything I need to start a blog! I created this blog to share my experience and drawings with everyone who is interested in building DIY projects.

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