How to Build a DIY Farmhouse End Table

DIY Farmhouse End Table

If you’re looking to build a small project for your living room, check out this DIY Farmhouse End Table. This project may seem complicated to make because of different angle cuts, but it’s actually quite simple. I’ll walk you through the steps on how to accurately cut the angles and assemble the project. You also might be interested in DIY …

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How to Build and Install a Custom DIY Stair Railing

DIY Custom Staircase Railing

If you have an old staircase railing that needs to be replaced or updated, I’ve made a tutorial on how to build and install custom DIY stair railing for your house. Depending on the type and size of your house, your stair configuration might be different than what’s in this tutorial, but the concept of building the stair railing would …

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How to Build a DIY Farmhouse Media Console with a TV Lift

DIY Farmhouse Media Console with TV Lift

How do you protect your flat-screen TV from getting damaged when you have small kids? It’s quite surprising just how fragile modern TV screens are, and it doesn’t take a lot to cause damage. If you have small kids running around and throwing their toys across the living room, it’s only a matter of time and your TV would need …

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How to Make a DIY Bathroom Mirror Frame

DIY bathroom mirror frame

When updating a bathroom, one slice of the budget usually goes to a bathroom mirror. The goal is to make an awesome looking mirror but at the same time, not spending too much money. Typically most bathrooms have a raw mirror attached to the wall with J hooks or brackets. Instead of replacing it, I’ve built a DIY rustic bathroom …

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How to Build DIY Plantation Shutters From Plywood

DIY Plantation Shutters

Shutters are simply one of the most beautiful and traditional ways to enhance any window. But the average cost to install one plantation shutter ranges from $150 – $350 per window. For a long time, I wanted to remodel our living room and install the shutters. So I decided to go the cheaper route by making my own DIY Plantation …

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How to Build a DIY Pallet Wood Picture Frame

DIY Reclaimed Wood Frame Sign

A few years back during the winter, our old backyard fence fell due to strong winds. Over the years the 4×4 post gets rotten from rain and moister and eventually falls apart. At that point, the post and the fence need to be replaced. I had to disassemble the old fence before installing the new one, but instead of throwing …

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