How to Make a DIY Indoor Plant Stand

DIY Indoor Plant Stand

According to the Healthline website, studies show that there are many benefits of having indoor plants. Studies vary in results, but all have a positive outcome ranging from increased productivity in the workplace to happier mood and stronger relationships. None of these studies have found evidence of negative outcomes of having indoor plants. So to promote a healthier environment in the house, I built a DIY Indoor Plant Stand.

There are many different plants to choose from. Some of the best plants for indoors are Snake Plant, Pothos, Dracaena, ZZ Plant, and Spider Plant. These plans help improve air quality and reduce carbon dioxide levels. You can also take a look at Pothos Varieties: 15 Common, Rare Pothos Types available as well. Depending on the plant you choose, typically they come in different pot sizes, you might need to adjust the inside support boards to the size of your pot.

This DIY Indoor Plant Stand took me less than an hour to build and cost less than $10 of material.  You also might be interested in plans for DIY Planter Box that I’ve built earlier.

DIY Indoor Plant Stand

Indoor Plant Stand PDF


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Indoor Plant Stand

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Tools for this Project

Material List

Note: Lumber dimensions are listed as nominal size.  See lumber sizes for actual dimensions vs nominal.

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DIY Indoor Plant Stand dimensions

Step 1 – Print and Glue Template on 1×10 Board

First, click to download the PDF template and print it out on 11×17 paper. Then take 1×10 board and cut two pieces to 17” in length. Next, you could either cut out the template with scissors and trace the legs on the board or you could just glue it to the board using regular paper glue. Either way works fine.

template for DIY Indoor Plant Stand
gluing template on board for DIY Indoor Plant Stand

Step 2 – Cut Out the Curved Leg Shapes

For this step, you could use either a band saw or a jig saw to cut out the leg shape. Follow the outline of the curved legs with a saw and cut out all four legs.

legs for DIY Indoor Plant Stand
cutting out legs for DIY Indoor Plant Stand

Step 3 – Cut Notch for the Lap Joint

From the remaining wood, pieces cut two boards to 8″ x 1 1/2″ using a miter saw. These two support boards will be used to connect the legs together. To make these support boards hold together stronger, cut a ¾” wide by ¾” deep notch for the lap joint. To cut the notch for the lap joint, I used a miter saw set for the blade to stop at ¾” from the table. You could also use a table saw with a blades raised up ¾” and cut through the notch. Then using a Kreg Jig Mini, drill one pocket hole on top and bottom on each side.

cutting notch out for lap joint
drilling pocket holes for DIY Indoor Plant Stand

Step 4 – Glue Lap Joint Together

Now with a random orbital sander, sand the support boards and the legs to remove any rough edges. Then apply wood glue inside the lap joint and secure it with a 1 ¼” pocket hole screw from the bottom.

attaching screw in lap joint

Step 5 – Attach Support and Legs Together

To make sure all legs and supports are leveled, with a pencil make a small mark 6 1/2″ from the bottom of each leg. Then take the support cross and attach it to the legs using wood glue and 1 1/4″ pocket hole screws. The support cross needs to align with the pencil mark on each leg. When attaching the last two legs the long Kreg Jig bit will not work because the leg is in the way of the drill. Use a shorter bit to screw in the pocket hole screws. You’re done with the DIY Indoor Plant Stand.

DIY Indoor Plant Stand from floor dimension

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