How to make a DIY Ottoman Pouf

DIY Ottoman Pouf

My wife and I made a DIY Round Ottoman Pouf as a Christmas present for my mother-in-law. Sitting on a couch with legs on the footstool and reading a book is much more comfortable now. 

There are many different kinds of footstools and ottomans that people make. Some call it a pouf or a hassock depending if it has legs or storage. The ottoman pouf we made is very simple without storage nor legs. The top has a very soft cushion and a strong frame to support the weight of a person if someone sits or stands on it. 

For this pouf, we bought fur-like fabric to make it soft and cozy. It took a little bit longer to sew it together, but it turned out really nice.

A lot of people ask why is ottoman called the Ottoman. The name Ottoman came from Osman, a bey from a tribe in western Turkey, who declared independence from the Seljuk Turks. Ottoman Turks would usually rest their feet on the footstool found in their house or tent as they lounge. The first wooden ottomans had no legs that sat “directly on the floor being constructed in box form with storage space under the seat with a non fixed lid.” (Read:…)

DIY Ottoman Pouf

Time to Complete

5 hours

Total Cost


Skill Level


Ottoman Pouf PDF


This PDF download includes Cut Diagrams, a List of Supplies, and 3D illustrations with detailed steps to build the project. Measurements are in imperial and not metric. Does NOT include SketchUp/CAD files.

Ottoman Pouf

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Tools for this project

Material List

Note: Lumber dimensions are listed as nominal size.  See lumber sizes for actual dimensions vs nominal.

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DIY Ottoman Pouf dimensions

Cut List

DIY Ottoman Pouf cut list

Step 1 – Cut 16×16 Boards From ¾” Plywood

Take 3/4″ plywood and cut two 16″x16″ pieces using a skill saw. Find the middle of the board by drawing two lines from each corner. Measure 7 1/2″ from the center of the cross and draw a circle. The diameter of the circle is 15”. There are different methods to draw a perfect circle but I used a scrap piece of plywood and drilled a small hole on one end where I could insert a pencil. Then nailed this piece to the center of the X and went around in the circle. Do this for both of the 16×16 boards.

cutting round discs for ottoman
plywood for ottoman
drawing a circle on plywood
drawings a circle on plywood

Step 2 – Using a Jig Saw Cut 15” Round Discs

Using a jig saw, cut the circle following the pencil mark.

round disks for ottoman
using jig saw to cut round dist

Step 3 – Cut 2×9 Side Pieces

Now take 1/2″ plywood and cut 2″x9″ pieces. You will need 20 of these boards.

vertical wood stick for ottoman

Step 4 – Attached Side Pieces to Bottom Disc

Attach 2″x9″ pieces to the round disc with wood glue and 1 1/4″ brad nails using a nail gun.

attaching wood sticks to ottoman
gluing wood together
using staple gun to attach wood to round disk
DIY Ottoman Pouf

Step 5 – Attached Side Pieces to Top Disc

Once all of the 2×9 pieces are attached to the bottom round disc. Then attach the upper disc with wood glue and 1 1/4″ brad nails. You’re done with the fame of the footstool.

building frame for ottoman
DIY Ottoman Pouf
DIY Ottoman Pouf

Step 6 – Place Foam Cushion on Top and Wrap with Quilt Batting

Take 4” thick foam cushion and cut it 1” larger than the top, so 16” in diameter. Place the cushion on top of the footstool pouf. Then take the Poly-Fit Low-Loft Batting and wrap around the ottoman frame and staple it to plywood boards.

wrapping ottoman with cushion
stapling cushion to ottoman
cutting cushion for ottoman

Step 7 – Wrap the Pouf With Inner Fabric

To keep the top foam cushion and quilt in place wrap the entire pouf with thin inner fabric before sewing the outer fabric. We used a small black t-shirt to slide over the cushion and stapled it at the bottom. The top neck opening was sewed together as well.

covering ottoman with fabric
stapling fabric to ottoman
stitching fabric for DIY Ottoman Pouf

Step 8 – Sew the Outer Fabric for the Ottoman Footstool

For the outer fabric cut two round pieces at 16″ in diameter and one piece at 16″x50″. First, on the inside sew the 50″ long piece to the top round 16″ piece overlapping the fabrics by 1/2″. So when you invert the fabric the finished diameter is 15″. Now you could slide the outer fabric over the ottoman footstool. Finish by sewing two 22″ zippers to the bottom piece so that the outer fabric could be taken off for washing. You’re done with a DIY round ottoman pouf!

fabric for DIY Ottoman Pouf
fabric for DIY Ottoman Pouf
DIY Ottoman Pouf
DIY Ottoman Pouf

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