How to Make a Wall Decor with Shelf

DIY wall decor with shelf

I’ve built this simple DIY wall decor with a shelf for our living room wall. I used 1×4 boards that cost me about $30 dollars of material. Before attaching the boards together I stain the board two different stain colors. One is Dark Walnut and the other Jacobean stain. The shelves are stained with dark walnut.

The instruction below are for the wall decor piece that’s about 5 feet wide, but it could easily be changed to something smaller or not as tall.

Wall Decor with Shelf PDF


This PDF download includes Cut Diagrams, a List of Supplies, and 3D illustrations with detailed steps to build the project. Measurements are in imperial and not metric. Does NOT include SketchUp/CAD files.

Wall Decor with Shelf

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Note: Lumber dimensions are listed as nominal size. See lumber sizes for actual dimensions vs nominal.

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DIY wall decor with shelf dimensions

Cut List

DIY wall decor with shelf cut list

Step 1 – Cut Boards and Drill Pocket Holes

Using a miter saw cut all pieces to dimensions provided in the cut list. Pick a flat surface where you could place and arrange the boards per your liking. Once all of the boards are arranged, mark the locations where to drill the pocket holes. Drill about 3 pocket holes per board using Kreg Jig. After drilling the pocket holes, use Kreg Jim Clamp to hold the boards in place before screwing in the screws. Screw the boards together with 1 1/4″ pocket hole screws.

DIY wall decor with shelf

Step 2 – Attach Shelf Boards to the Wall Decor

When all of the boards are attached together, flip this wall decor facing up. Mark the locations for the two shelf boards per your desired height. Make sure that the pocket holes of these shelf boards are on top and screw them in with 1 1/4″ Pocket hole screws. You’re done with DIY wall decor with shelf.

DIY wall decor with shelf

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