Homary Swivel Office Chair Review

Homary Swivel Office Chair

Recently I’ve made a tabletop for an adjustable standing desk, and as an addition to this desk, I received a Swivel Office Chair from Homary.com.

In this article, I will write a short review of the chair and Homary. 

About Homary

Homary is an online home improvement and decor platform based in Ontario, CA. Over the past few years, it established local offices and warehouses in North America, Europe, and Asia. As a result, Homary now ships to more than 36 countries and regions worldwide. 

The company sells furniture, light fixtures, home decor, storage/organization, and much more. Homary has various furniture styles that you could choose from on their website, from vintage to modern. They have affordable prices with excellent customer service.

Chair Assembly 

After ordering this chair, it came in a well-packaged box wrapped with foam. All the parts were neatly packed in the box with an Allen wrench to assemble the chair. 

First, take the seat and attach the metal frame support that holds the swivel. The metal frame has openings for the bolts that match openings under the seat. You will have to align these openings and screw in the bolts. 

Next, attach the backrest to the seat. Find a metal plate with six bolt openings, then screw-in four bolts to the backrest and two bolts to the seat metal frame. Similar to the seat, you will need to align the metal plate openings with the backrest openings. 

connecting backrest to the seat

Once the backrest is attached, take the armrest and attach one bolt to the backrest and two bolts to the seat. Repeat for both armrests. 

Now attach the footrest under the seat. Then attach the headrest at the top of the backrest. 

Finally, insert the five castors into the base of the chair. Then insert the base into the spindle. The spindle then goes into the metal seat support that has the seat tilt adjuster.

casters for office chair
headrest for swivel office chair

About the Swivel Office Chair

The chair’s surface is made from high-quality fabric material and metal material as the frame. You have an option to choose a fabric color to match your office. It comes in black or gray. 

The lumbar support consists of two sections that are attached to the backrest. These back supports tilt slightly depending on how you want to sit, making the chair very comfortable. 

The Lumbar is the region of your spine, more commonly known as the lower back, consisting of five vertebrae labeled L1 through L5. In addition, the lower back region contains large muscles that support the back and allow for movement in the body’s trunk. These muscles can spasm or become strained, which is the common cause of lower back pain. 

You could recline the backrest angle between 90-135 degrees while the armrest stays at its horizontal position. The armrest slides back and forth on its tracks to keep your arms comfortable. Once you tilt the backrest, you could slide out the footrest and relax. 

reclined Homary Swivel Office Chair

The chair comes with five casters and full 360 degrees of swivel rotation. 

If this chair does not suit your needs, Homary.com has other office chairs to choose from.