How to Make a DIY Candle Holder Using Aufero Laser 2

DIY candle Holder with Aufero Laser 2

Are you looking for ways to personalize a gift for your friend or permanently engrave a perfect award, trophy, or even a wine glass? A laser engraver is the best option for getting that job done. In this article, I will show you how to make a DIY candle holder using Aufero Laser 2. This is just one example of what a laser engraver could do.

Besides engraving, a laser engraver could cut through wood, paper, cork, and some kinds of plastics. This allows you to create so many more projects than just engraving.

DIY candle Holder with Aufero Laser 2

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About The Aufero Laser 2

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The Aufero Laser 2 is a fast, intuitive table-top laser that can engrave or cut nearly any surface. 

Steel, wood, leather, ceramic, bamboo, cardboard, PCB, aluminum oxide – you name it. Also, it can engrave various shapes, including cylinders. 

The Aufero Laser 2 has a stable base, four built-in safeties, and an affordable price tag. This laser engraver is a good choice for hobbyists creating and customizing personal items. 

However, the Aufero Laser 2 also has the software capacity to support professionals. If you’re a small business looking to provide personally engraved items to your customers, the Aufero Laser 2 is a solid option. 

You can choose between a free software program for standard designs or an upgraded version for more intricate patterns. 

It’s suitable for novices. It can not only be installed quickly but also has a comprehensive operation guide to help you quickly get started to use and realize your own DIY ideas.

Excellent software and hardware equipment can let the machine achieve fast engraving while ensuring the engraving effect. The maximum engraving speed can reach 15,000mm/min when using Aufero Laser 2 in engraving simple patterns, and the common engraving speed is 10,000mm/min.

Time to Complete

5 hours

Total Cost


Skill Level


Download PNG Image File

Candle Holder PNG Image


This PNG image file is for a Candle Holder that is cut out on the Laser Engraver.

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DIY candle Holder with Aufero Laser 2

Assembling The Aufero Laser 2

You won’t need any extra tools to assemble the Aufero laser 2. Everything you need to assemble this device will come in the package. All you need is to take the time to ensure you have everything straight. 

Steps to assemble: 

  1. Connect the Front X-axis to the Left and Right Y-axis
  2. Attach the Rear X-axis Rail
  3. Install the Upper X-axis for the Laser Module
  4. Run the Wires
  5. Attach the Laser Module

Let’s go over these steps in more depth. 

Step 1 – Connect the Front X-axis to the Left and Right Y-axis 

First, you need to connect the X-axis bar (the one with the power switch and USB connector) to the Y-axis – this will form three sides of the frame. 

To connect, you’ll place two screws on each side. You can easily turn the screws into a place with the included Allen wrench. 

Don’t over-tighten the screws. Start at both sides and evenly tighten them. 

Note: You’ll need to loop the yellow wire around the screw on the left side before tightening. 

attaching the front and side rails of Aufero Laser 2
driving in the screws for Aufero Laser 2

Step 2 – Attach the Rear X-axis Rail 

The rear X-axis rail is the most basic. You’ll see that it doesn’t contact the table; it just needs to be connected to both Y-axis rails. 

Again, tighten the screws carefully, loosely securing one side and then doing the same to the other. There are four screws you need to place, and you don’t need to worry about wires. 

Now, you have a complete frame. 

Aufero Laser 2

Step 3 – Install the Upper X-axis for the Laser Module 

This is the rail that will move while holding the laser module. First, slide the two rollers on the Y-axis toward the rear X-axis (the one you just connected). 

Now, place the Upper X-axis rail onto the rollers. The Upper X-axis will slip over two upward-facing screws on either side. 

Secure the left side with two nuts. There is no wire connection on this side. 

You’ll need to locate the black cable (running from the front X-axis) on the right side. 

There are three other wires within this black cable – one of them is yellow. Slip the yellow wire over the front screw (if the front X-axis is facing away) and secure it with the bolt. Finally, secure the bolt on the other side. 

attaching the bold on Aufero Laser 2

Step 4 – Run the Wires 

Locate the other two wires within the black cable. You’ll find a group of red, green, and black wires held together – these plug into the main housing on the Upper X-axis (the one that holds the laser module itself). 

Use two zip ties to secure the black cable to the main housing (you’ll see the area next to the nuts). 

Second, grab the white laser wire. Connect this white wire with the last wire hanging from the black cable. Now, along the Upper X-axis, you’ll see three more areas to secure the white wire – use a zip tie for each site. 

Now, flip the entire unit upside down. Locate the Front X-axis. On the corner by the power switch, secure the long black cable with two zip-ties. Then, connect the small wire from the Front X-axis to the Y-axis. 

Move to the other corner of the front X-axis and connect the other small wire to the Y-axis. 

zip tithing wiring for Aufero Laser 2

Steps 5 – Attach the Laser Module 

Start with the laser guard. Place the hand-tightened screws through either side of the guard. 

Now, take the laser module itself. There are two rails on both sides – slide the guard over the module, lining the screws with the rails. Tighten the screws to secure the guard. 

There’s another rail on the back of the laser module. This track fits into the moving portion of the Upper X-axis. Secure this laser module with a single hand-tightened nut. 

Finally, loosen the screw to the right of the wire port on the top of the laser module. Connect the other end of the white cable. You’ll see there is another yellow wire that fits under the loosened screw – place it and tighten the screw. 

Repeat the steps for the other laser modules. 

Aufero Laser 2

Install the Software and Upload the files

Now that the laser is assembled, it’s time to install the software. 

Step 6 – Download and Install the Software

There are many different varieties of software that you could use for laser engravers. Some are free, and some you need to purchase. 

For this simple project, I will be using a free software. You can download it here: LaserGrbl. However, if you want the software to have more advanced features, you could purchase it here: LightBurn.

Once you click on the LaserGrbl website, scroll down and click the download button. Then install the software. 

LaserGrml software for Aurero Laser 2

Step 7 – Upload the Candle Holder Template File into the Software

Now you need to download the candleholder template. The template has two PNG image files. 

Next, click on the LaserGrbl shortcut on your desktop and open the software. Then click on Open File and open one of the PNG images. 

The first window will open for Import Raster Image. Copy the settings that are shown below. Make sure under Conversion Tool it’s set to Vectorize! Then press Next on the bottom right. 

The second window allows you to change the speed, image size, and other laser mode options. Again, copy the settings that are shown below. 

settings for LaserGrml software for Aurero Laser 2
settings for LaserGrml software for Aurero Laser 2

Step 8 – Connect the Laser Engraver to the Computer

Ensure the laser is plugged into the power and then connect the USB cable to the computer. On the front rail of the laser, there’s a power button. Click and hold it for 5 seconds to turn it on. 

Now, in the LaserGrbl software, click on Grbl in the menu and select Connect. This will connect your computer to the laser machine. 

turning on aufero laser 2

Step 9 – Set Laser Module Elevation

Depending on the material you will be using for cutting or engraving, the laser head always needs to be elevated to the correct height. For this project, we will use 1.5mm thick plywood to cut out the candleholder shapes. 

First, loosen the thumb screw that adjusts the laser head. Next, raise it and slide the plywood under the head. Then place the focal gauge board over the plywood. Now tighten the thumb screw on the laser module and slide out the focal gauge board. This focal board is used to set the distance between the plywood and the bottom of the laser module. 

Even though Aurefo Laser 2 is connected to the computer, you need to unlock it to move the laser module. Click on Grbl in the top menu and select unlock. Now you can click on the arrows at the bottom left of the screen to move/adjust the laser head.

adjusting laser module for DIY candle Holder with Aufero Laser 2

Step 10 – Press Play to Cut the Shapes

Move the laser head to the lower-left corner of the plywood and then press the world icon. This icon sets the location of the laser head to 0,0, of the x and y axis. In other words, now the computer knows where the bottom left corner of your plywood is.  

Next, click on the frame icon at the bottom of the software. The laser head will start moving up in a rectangular pattern to show you the cutout perimeter. It will actually draw a frame with a very thin line. If the frame line goes outside the plywood, then the plywood sheet needs to move, or the settings need to be fixed. 

Press play to start cutting once the perimeter frame is aligned correctly on plywood. 

Aufero Laser 2 cutting plywood

Step 11 – Assemble the Candle Holder

Once the pieces are cut out, assemble the candleholder. Take the upper round piece and slide it into the upper grove of the tallest leaf. Then slide the lower round piece into the lower grove of that leaf. Next, attach the shorters leaf on the opposite side. The remaining pieces will need to be spread out evenly in the circle. You are done with a DIY candle holder using Aufero Laser 2

candle holder shapes cut out using Aufero Laser 2

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