How to Build a DIY Pucket Game for Kids

DIY Pucket Game

Our kids go to a small private school and one of the requirements of this school is to have a parent volunteer. My wife chose to teach a small woodshop class on how to build a DIY Pucket Game. We prepared and pre-cut all the plywood pieces, bungee cords, and pucks. The kids needed to assemble the pieces using a …

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How to make a DIY Mancala Board Game

DIY Mancala Board Game

Similar to my previous project were I used scrap wood to build it, this DIY Mancala Board Game was also built form leftover scrap wood. Mancala game history can be traced back as far as CE 500 and 700. There are hundreds of variants around the world, but we will build only one of many variations of this game. This …

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How to Make a DIY Triangle Peg Game

girl playing triangle peg game

A few months ago we went on a road trip to visit my sister in Lincoln, Nebraska. When we were there, we went to a restaurant called Cracker Barrel. That was my first time at Cracker Barrel and I noticed that each dining table had a small peg game. While waiting for our food, I noticed that people around us …

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How to Build a DIY Cornhole Scoreboard

DIY Cornhole Scoreboard

Earlier this month I’ve built a set of Cornhole Boards and my wife made the Bag for the game. As an addition to this set, I’ve built a DIY Cornhole Scoreboard that matches to colors of cornhole boards. When playing a game it’s always nice to keep a score on a board. This makes the game more enjoyable that you don’t have to worry …

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How to Make a Set of Cornhole Bags

DIY Cornhole bags

Today, many people play the cornhole game to relax and unwind! It’s a very popular game to play at parties or friend gatherings. One of the essential parts of this game is to have good quality bean bags. It this tutorial, I will show you how to make your own DIY cornhole bags that will last you a long time.  …

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How to Build a Set of DIY Cornhole Boards

DIY Cornhole Boards

One of the simplest lawn games ever invented is the cornhole game, also known as the bean bag toss game or baggo. Although the origins of this game are still unknown, it has been around for many years. Cornhole is an awesome game for hundreds of reasons. One of them is simply having fun with people you enjoy being around …

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