How to Build a DIY Mirror Frame for Entryway

DIY mirror Frame for Entryway

Earlier this year I built a Shoe Rack Bench for our entryway to keep our shoes organized. Typically when you put your shoes on to leave the house, you want to glance at yourself in the mirror to make sure everything looks good. So I decided to build a Wooden DIY Mirror Frame that I could hang on the wall …

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How to Build a DIY Bench With Storage

DIY Bench with Storage

If you’re looking to make your area clean and free from clutter. Having extra storage space is a big bonus. We needed a bench for our house but I wanted to use the space efficiently. So I built a simple DIY Bench with Storage with two large drawer boxes.  This bench is very functional for either your indoor and outdoor …

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How to Build a DIY Floating Shelf with an Opening for a Plant

DIY Floating Shelf for a Plant

No matter how big your house is, you’ll always find yourself needing more space for declutter. There are many different ways to declutter and organize without ruining the look of the house. One of the solutions to this problem of space is installing floating shelves. These shelves provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance and can be very useful in virtually every …

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How to Make a DIY Indoor Plant Stand

DIY Indoor Plant Stand

According to the Healthline website, studies show that there are many benefits of having indoor plants. Studies vary in results, but all have a positive outcome ranging from increased productivity in the workplace to happier mood and stronger relationships. None of these studies have found evidence of negative outcomes of having indoor plants. So to promote a healthier environment in the house, …

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How to Make a DIY Mail and Key Organizer

DIY Mail and Key Organizer

If you’re constantly looking for your lost car keys, there’s a solution to this problem. I’ve made plans for a simple DIY Mail and Key Organizer that you could build in an hour. Now you could have all of your keys in one organized location. This key organizer also has few shelves for your mail or other small items. I’ve …

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How to Design a DIY Family Birthday Calendar Board

DIY Family Calendar Board

My kids are always eager to get their hands on any project that I’m doing. Not all of my projects are kid-safe, but this one is! I come from a very large family of 9 siblings and a ton of nieces and nephews! And let me tell you, it’s very hard keeping track of everyone’s birthdays. So my kids and …

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