What is Pressure Treated Wood used For?

what is pressure treated wood used for

Pressure-treated wood is a marvel of modern construction. But what is treated wood used for? Is pressure-treated wood good for everything? These are the questions we answer in today’s discussion.  Pressure-treated wood is used for outdoor construction, where the wood will come into contact with moisture. Sometimes, pressure-treated wood is used when contacting cement, as moisture wicks through concrete pores.  Pressure-treated wood …

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When is Pressure Treated Wood Ready to Paint?

painting pressure treated wood

Are you wondering if your pressure-treated wood is ready to paint? How long should you wait before it’s ready? In this article, I’ll cover everything from when you should and shouldn’t paint pressure-treated lumber.  Pressure-treated wood needs to be dry before painting. To determine if your treated wood is paintable, drop some water on the surface of the board. If the water …

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Is Plywood Stronger than Solid Wood?

Strength of plywood vs solid wood

If you’re embarking on a new project, you may be wondering about the strength of plywood vs. solid wood. This question is important, as the safety and longevity of your project depend on quality wood. When comparing equally thick plywood vs. equally thick solid wood, plywood is stronger against bending forces. However, you must take into account the type and quality of …

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What is the Symbol of Feet and Inches in Woodworking

feet and inches symbol

Today we’ll learn about the symbol for feet and inches. If you’re used to the metric system, this will be a good article to help you understand the U.S system of measurement and how to convert between the two systems.  Feet are represented in two popular ways. First, there is the letter abbreviation “ft.” Second, you can use a single …

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Should You Glue Pocket Hole Joints?

should you glue pocket hole joins

Pocket holes create a clever joint. Modern pocket hole jigs allow you to place screws accurately and securely. As you become familiar with pocket hole joints, you may wonder, should I glue pocket hole joints?  In this article, I’m going to share what I know about this topic. Hopefully, it will help you in your workshop.  Should you glue pocket …

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Why Do I Get Blade Marks From a Table Saw Cut?

Saw blade marks

A table saw is made to give you a clean, professional cut, right? So what should you do when you notice blade marks from your table saw? In this article, I will share some tips and tricks to avoid ugly marks from table saws.  Your table saw will create blade marks for several reasons. You could have a dull blade …

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