How to Build a DIY Kids Table Made Like a Jigsaw Puzzle

DIY Kids Table Made as Jigsaw Puzzle

Every kid’s playroom should be a place where fun and imagination run free. The best kind of playroom is one where all the furniture is kid furniture. If you’re looking to build something creative for your little ones, try this DIY kids table made like a jigsaw puzzle. You could take this table apart and use it as an individual stepping stool, or …

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How to Build a DIY Closet Organizer with Drawers

DIY Closet Organizer

When a closet is organized, it’s easy to find your favorite clothes. It streamlines your morning routine, and all that extra space gives you an excuse to expand your wardrobe. If you want to make the most of your space, build yourself a closet organizer. In this tutorial, I will show you how to build your own DIY Closet Organizer. …

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How to Build a Closet in a Bedroom

Build a DIY closet in a Bedroom

Who doesn’t love extra storage space? Whether it’s a dresser or a closet, it’s always nice to have an area to organize your belongings so that they could be easily found. One of the common areas for storage in the bedroom is a closet, but what if your room does not have a closet. To fix this problem I’ve made …

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How to Build a DIY Farmhouse Entryway Console Table

DIY farmhouse entryway table

If you have a bare wall in your entryway, a console table could be exactly what you are searching for. When visiting my sister in Iowa, she had a similar situation where her entryway had no furniture with a bare wall. After staying there for a few days, I’ve built her a DIY farmhouse entryway console table for her newly …

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How to Build DIY Plantation Shutters From Plywood

DIY Plantation Shutters

Shutters are simply one of the most beautiful and traditional way to enhance any window. The design has impressed our aesthetic needs for centuries. But the average cost to install a plantation shutter in a home ranges from $150 – $350 per window. For a long time, I wanted to install shutters in our living room. So I decided to …

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How to Build a DIY Curved Wooden Shelf

DIY Curved Shelf

I’ve built this DIY curved wooden shelf with two stars cut out on both sides of the shelf. It is for one of my customers that teaches kindergarten. This shelf is only 36” tall and is a perfect fit for kids to keep their books and other items on. Here are the steps I took to make this shelf. Cut …

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