Can You Reuse Old Deck Boards by Flipping Them?

When rebuilding or replacing a deck, you might wonder what to do with the old boards. Some people just throw them out, while others try to find someone who wants them. But others wonder if it’s possible to reuse the old deck boards by simply flipping them. You can reuse old deck boards by flipping them. However, there are some …

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Why is My Kitchen So Hot in the Summer? 

why is my kitchen hot

Are you wondering why your kitchen is getting so hot in the summer? In this article, we’ll talk about the reasons for an overheated kitchen, and we’ll also talk about several ways you can reduce the amount of heat in your kitchen.  Kitchens can become hot in the summer for several reasons, mostly because the heat from a stovetop or …

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Are Pavers Stronger Than Concrete? 

are pavers stronger than concrete

Are you trying to decide whether you should use pavers or concrete? Below, we’ll discuss the differences in strength between concrete and pavers. We’ll also touch on some of the pros and cons of concrete and pavers. Pavers are usually stronger than concrete. Pavers are created with more density than concrete, so they are more resistant to water and less …

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Do You Need Baseboards if You Have Carpet?


Most carpeted rooms have a border around the walls made from baseboards or tiles. The baseboards often match or contrast the carpet’s color and can improve the room’s aesthetics. However, installing baseboards with carpets requires precision, so do you really need baseboards if you have carpet?  You need to install baseboards even if you have carpets, as the baseboards protect …

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Why Does Your Siding Make Noise in the Wind?

Many homeowners have experienced a disturbing noise from their siding during high winds. There is usually no need for an alarm, but you might want to fix the issue before things head south. There are several reasons why your siding makes noise in the wind. The most common reason is that the siding is not properly secured to the house. …

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Why Keep the Garage Door Cracked Open? 

garage door crack open

Are you wondering about the benefits and drawbacks of keeping your garage door cracked open? In this article, we’ll talk about why some people crack open their garage doors and some of the benefits and dangers of this practice.  People keep their garage doors cracked to reduce heat in the summer months. During the middle of the summer, the garage …

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