5 Best Outdoor Solar Lights for Landscaping in 2023

Solar panel light for landscaping

Are you looking for the best solar lights for your outdoor landscape? In this article, we’ll review five of the top choices out there. 

When it comes to reviewing solar lights, it can be difficult to choose a clear winner. Everyone will have different needs based on their living situation. Some people might be going for enhanced home decor, and others may be looking for security lights. 

Whichever camp you’re in, this article will give you a taste of some of the options available. We’ll talk about each light’s best uses, their prices, and some benefits and drawbacks. 

In this article, we’ll talk about the following outdoor solar lights: 

  • Linkind outdoor solar lights
  • Aogist solar lights 
  • Ring solar path light
  • JackyLED deck lights 
  • InnoGear Solar Lights 

Okay, let’s jump into reviewing each of these lights. 

Linkind Star Ray Pro Solar Spotlights

Best For: The Linkind lights are a great all-around outdoor solar light. You can either buy them in multi-colored or in simple white light – the multi-colored ones are a touch more expensive. 

Linkind lights are great for lighting paths, gardens or for adding a touch of fun color to the backyard. 

Price/discount: The Linkind lights will come in around 15 dollars per light if you buy a pack of two. However, if you get larger packs, you will save several dollars per light. In many places, you save about two dollars per light if you buy a pack of six. 

Key features: These lights are waterproof, heatproof, and frost-proof. Given that some people experience different climates, this is important. Second, you have the option of 12 hours of dim light or 6 hours of bright light. You choose based on your needs. 

User Experience: You’ll find these lights are simple to set up, with options to stab them into the ground or mount them on the wall. With most of these lights, you’ll see that setup is minimal. 

Likes and Dislikes: I like the multi-colored features, as this gives you the options to change things up. One thing that could be an issue is areas with long nights and little sunlight. These are solar-powered and charge – that means no changing batteries. This is good, but it also makes the light reliant on sunlight to function. 

Aogist Solar Lights 

Best For: If you’re looking for a low-profile light for a path or your backyard, the Aogist solar lights might be the thing for you. These lights are super low profile, with a disk shape. They stay at grass level, so you don’t have large poles protruding from the ground. 

Price/discount: These low-profile lights come in around $3-4 per light, which makes them super affordable.

Key features: the Aogist solar lights are recharged by the sun, so you don’t need to worry about changing batteries every month. They are very sensitive to sunlight changes, ensuring they turn on when you need them to. 

User Experience: very easy install; just attach the lights to the stakes and shove them into the ground. However, they are thin enough that you can set them up on your deck or pavement. They will still provide light, and they won’t stick out like a sore thumb. 

Likes and Dislikes: These are a much cheaper option than some other lights, making them easy to install. Further, they are made with durable steel, so they shouldn’t snap and break easily. 

With that said, some people do complain they don’t all achieve the same brightness and that they aren’t as bright as some other options. If you’re looking for more of a security light, then these may not be the most robust option. 

Let’s talk about Ring solar lights. 

Ring Solar Lights  

Best For: The Ring solar lights are best for people who want to create a complete smart home. These things can connect to your Ring doorbell, Alexa, and smartphone. If you’re looking for a fully integrated home, then these might be for you. 

Price/discount: These things come in several configurations, but most are about $30 per light, plus another $30 for the “bridge” – sort of like the control box that connects the lights to your home/internet. Overall, it’s about $90 to get started with these. The price reflects their increase in technology. 

Key features: the features are nearly endless with these smart devices. You can connect them with your ring cameras to notify you when they detect motion, you can turn them on remotely, and you can dim them as needed. Also, you can set them up for battery or solar power. 

User Experience: The installation is straightforward. With most pieces of tech, you’ll have to follow the directions, but once they’re installed, they should operate like most smart devices. You can even use voice commands from Alexa to turn them on. 

Likes and Dislikes: It’s super cool to interconnect the home’s appliances, so if you’re into the smart home thing, then you’ll probably love this. However, more features sometimes equal more headaches. Some people report the motion sensors are too sensitive. Further, this option will cost a couple of hundred dollars for multiple lights. 

JackyLED Deck Solar Lights 

Best For: If you’re looking for lights to place on outdoor steps, then the JACKYLED solar lights will be a great option for you. These lights are solar-powered, meaning they charge in the sunlight and then will turn on when it gets dark. 

Price/discount: These will come in around $4 for each light. However, if you buy a large quantity, you can probably get them for about $3.50. Overall, they are a pretty good price for their quality. 

Key features: These have a pretty slim profile, and they are made from durable stainless steel. Also, you’ll find that these lights are resistant to rain, heat, and ice. Also, you can buy these lights in several different colors – you can get white light, warm light, or even orange light. 

User Experience: These lights are easy to install, and they’re cheap enough that you can afford to place a lot of them if you’d like. Furthermore, you can place these anywhere; you don’t need to just place them on the stairs; you can also place them on the wall over a garage door or on the top edge of the fence. 

Likes and Dislikes: It’s a cool idea to light up a staircase leading to a deck or small porch. If you take your time to install them in a nice way, then you will have the most success. 

However, these lights seem a bit on the large side to place directly on the stairs. You’ll want to ensure your stairs are large enough that these lights don’t present a tripping hazard. 

Let’s talk about another option for solar landscape lights. 

InnoGear Solar Lights for Outdoor Landscapes 

Best For: These InnoGear lights are another solid all-around landscaping light option. They are made to stake into the ground, and they use solar power for their charge. 

Price/discount: If you buy a set of two, you’re paying around $15 per light. However, if you get a larger pack, you can get the price down to around $13 per light. Overall, their price seems to be a pretty good value. 

Key features: You can buy these lights in several different colors, from warm light to white light. Also, these lights are built to be really water-resistant, meaning that even if you have jet water sprayers in your yard, these things should be find. Also, they have a durable stake that shouldn’t break as easily as cheaper models. 

User Experience. These are pretty much open-and-install. They can sense the darkness coming on and will then turn on. There’s nothing too difficult for the user to remember. They do have the option of setting them up for half brightness. As you’d imagine, they will last longer in a lower setting. 

Likes and Dislikes: overall, these are solid solar lights. They get the job done without many things that can go wrong. If you’re looking for good solar light to light up your backyard, then these should do the job well. 

The main downside is the position of the solar panel. Some users noted that if their property isn’t at the right angle, it’s difficult to set up the light to shine in the right direction while allowing the solar panels to face the sun during the day. It might not be a big issue for some people, but it is something to keep in mind. 

Last Thoughts on the Best Outdoor Solar Lights

Solar panel landscaping lights are area great option for people looking to give some extra sparkle to their backyard. If you’re into a fully smart home, going with the Ring solar lights will be logical. However, if you want something that’s cheaper but does a bit of everything, the Linkind lights won’t let you down! 

Some of the lights are fairly cheap to buy in small quantities. It may be worth it to buy a few, test them out, and see how they work in your backyard. As we said, everyone will have a different situation. 

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