Are Plantation Shutters Worth It?

DIY Plantation Shutters

Are you looking to upgrade those ancient blinds? In this article, we are going to answer the question, are plantation shutters worth it? Whether you’re looking to increase the value of your home or save on energy costs, plantation shutters have something to offer.

Overall, plantation shutters are worth the investment. Plantation shutters are a quality window treatment and have several advantages over other options. Plantation shutters are durable, long-lasting, and practical. 

In this article, we will explain who will best benefit from plantation shutters. We will also tell you what makes these shutters unique and how they stand out from other styles. 

Why Plantation Shutters are Worth Installing in Your Home 

There are several reasons why plantation shutters will pay off in your home. You may look at the initial price and be quick to discard these options; however, many hidden features make these shutters well worth the money. 

Here are eight reasons plantation shutters are a wise choice: 

  1. Style 
  2. Non-allergenic 
  3. Sturdy in the wind 
  4. Energy efficient 
  5. Privacy 
  6. Safety for children and pets 
  7. Lasting investment for your home 
  8. Easy to use 

As you can see, there are many pros to these shutters. But how applicable are each of these to your situation? Let’s find out in the sections below. 

Plantation Shutters have Style 

The plantation shutter style has been around for several hundred years, first gaining popularity in the southeastern United States. This style of window cover has also recently gained popularity in California. 

Seeing that these shutters have been around so long, it’s a pretty safe bet that they will stay stylish in your home for many years to come. 

Plantation shutters also come in different colors and materials. Unlike cheap papery blinds, these shutters are often made of high-quality hardwood, finished with a rich stain. There is no doubt that you will begin to feel like a queen with a set of plantation shutters framing your windows. 

Plantation Shutters have Low Allergens 

Due to the clean and sturdy make-up of the plantation shutters, they are not severe dust collectors like curtains. Also, if you must dust, the distance between the louvers allows them to be easily cleaned. 

This feature may not be a make or break for some, but other folks will know how bad their allergies get and will be more than happy for any relief. Also, if you have a family member who struggles with allergies who visits from time to time, they too will enjoy a break from sneezing. 

Plantation Shutters are Sturdy in the Wind 

Have you ever opened your window on a breezy summer day only to close them five minutes later? If your answer is yes, it’s probably because the wind was blowing your blinds or curtains all over the kingdom. 

With plantation shutters, you don’t have to worry about this. The way they are built makes them hold firm against the wind. You can enjoy the breeze and the fresh air while still having some privacy. 

Plantation Shutters are Energy Efficient 

Plantation shutter’s robust nature also makes them more than just light barriers. Depending on the shutters you purchase, you will actually lower the use of air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter. 

This is one way you will make a little money back from the initial investment. Sure, you could spend less on blinds, but you won’t necessarily make any return on energy efficiency.  

For all these reasons, plantation shutters are a good option for any area experiencing extreme cold or heat. 

Plantation Shutters provide Privacy 

Of course, every type of window treatment is meant to provide some privacy. However, how well do they provide privacy? Plantation shutters are top of the line, here’s why. . .

As previously stated, plantation shutters won’t blow around in the wind, so you will still have privacy with your windows open. 

Another thing you may not have realized, plantation shutters will provide some resistance to sound. Therefore, if you live near a busy street, or have a loud neighbor, then the plantation shutters will be yet another barrier protecting the tranquility of your home. 

Plantation Shutters are Safer for Pets and Children 

What do blinds have the plantation shutters do not? Answer: a ton of unsightly and dangerous cords.  

There are a ton of opportunities for pets and young kids to become tangled in the long hanging cords of most blinds. Also, the small objects that are sometimes used as handles can become a choking hazard.

With the plantation shutters, you don’t need to worry about this. You can live with the peace of mind that your kids aren’t swinging on the cords of your blinds. 

As another note, the high-end shutters can be equipped with wireless controls allowing you to determine the amount of privacy and light in your home from the ease of your couch. 

These shutters can also be fixed with locks, adding (be it small) a level of security to your home. 

Plantation Shutters are a Lasting Investment for Your Home 

Plantation shutters are not a full edition to your home; however, they certainly up the value of your home. Here are several ways plantation shutters will make a lasting impact on your home.

First, plantation shutters are durable and will last you a long time. If you’ve ever seen cheap blinds that are tattered and broken, you know that not all window treatments last. With quality shutters, you know that your home will be protected and private for as long as you need. 

Second, plantation shutters increase the overall aesthetic of your home. If you ever decide to sell, people will be more likely to buy a home that has already installed high-end shutters. 

Finally, as we already stated, plantation shutters will likely save you some energy. When closed, plantation shutters do provide some insulation value. 

Plantation Shutters are Easy to Use 

Have you ever pulled on a roll down blind for ten minutes trying to keep them down or get them to roll up? How about drawstring blinds that become crooked – sometimes, it seems impossible to correct, and you’re left with a set of ugly blinds. 

Not so with a pair of plantation shutters. These don’t have any tangling cords, strange pull-spring, or other awkward technologies. You just open them when you want them opened and close them when you want them closed. 

Reasons Plantation Shutters Might Not be Worth It 

We’ve given you a few reasons that plantation shutters are worth the time and money. Life isn’t a freebie, and neither are plantation shutters. Now, we will go over several reasons plantation shutters might not be worth it. 

Here they are:

  1. Expensive 
  2. Not an easy DIY 
  3. Some maintenance 
  4. Not easy to change 

Here are a few negatives – we go over them further below. 

Plantation Shutters are Expensive 

Like anything, you get what you pay for. Plantation shutters tend to be some of the highest-priced window treatments. If you’re not financially ready to pay for these shutters, then there is no reason to stress your budget by trying to afford them. 

It is better to wait until you’ve set aside the needed funds to jump into the project. 

The cost of plantation shutters can be from $150 to $300 per window. Also, plantation shutters will likely need a professional install, costing even more.

However, if you have the tools and like to work with your hands you could easily build your own DIY plantation shutters.

attaching hinges to DIY plantation shutters

Plantation Shutters are Not an Easy Self Install 

If you’re not especially handy, and you don’t have the time or tools to install plantation shutters properly, then you’ll probably want to hire a professional. 

Of course, you could install them yourself, and if you’re the ambitious sort, you could probably do a fine job; however, just know that it isn’t going to be like installing an outlet cover. Plantation shutters need to be precisely installed to function correctly. 

Plantation Shutters Require Maintenance 

If you live in a very humid area or a place with highs and lows of temperature, then you can expect to perform some light maintenance on your shutters. 

Since these shutters are usually made of wood, they will expand and contract with the season, possibly loosening the hinges. You may need to tighten them up from time to time – not a horrid task, but something to think about. 

You can also combat this issue by installing non-wood plantation shutters. 

Plantation Shutters are Not Easily Changed 

When you install something like plantation shutters in your home, you don’t do it lightly. You can paint the bathroom once every month; however, due to the more advanced install and cost of plantation shutters, you’re going to be stuck with them for a while. 

Of course, most people will be happy to have such high-quality shutters for many years. However, if you’re the creative type with ever-changing tastes, then you might feel a little “locked-in” with such permanent shutters. 


Are plantation shutters worth it? That’s a decision you will have to make for yourself. Of course, if money were no object, then we’d say absolutely. However, every person’s situation is different. 

No doubt, if you decide to install plantation shutters, you will be blessed with privacy, protection from the elements, style, and safety for your pets and children for many years. 

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