Simple Ways to Remove Dried White Cement from Tiles

washing white cement off floor tiles

Are you trying to learn how to remove dried white cement from tiles? This article will show you a few techniques to get this done safely and efficiently. As it happens, cement can be a tricky thing to remove. The water and moisture tend to hide this stuff until it’s dry. By then, it’s too late to easily clean up.

To remove dried white cement from tiles, you need an acidic solvent, scrub brushes, and dish soap. After soaking the white cement stains, you can use the brush to scrub everything up—finally, clean everything with dish soap. 

In the sections below, you’ll get the full guide on removing white cement from your tiles. Don’t worry – it’s not too difficult, but it will take some time. 

Alrighty, let’s get into this. 

The Process of Removing White Cement from Tiles 

To remove white cement from tiles, there are several steps to get it done right. Depending on the size and type of the cement stain, you may have to take a different approach. For example, if you have big, thick chunks of cement splattered on the floor, it might be best to use a scraper first. However, if you’re just dealing with light, almost translucent stains, then you might get away with just a good scrubbing. 

If you know the specific type of white cement or grout you used for the tiles, try to retrieve that container or contact the supplier. They will be able to give you the best information on what cleaner works best to clean up their product. 

However, if you don’t know the exact product, you can follow the guidelines in this article, and you should be good to go. 

Before we get into the forest, let’s talk about the materials you’ll need to clean up white cement tile stains. 

Materials Needed to Clean the White Cement Off Tiles 

Before you embark on a new mission, it’s wise to gather the right tools. Depending on who you are, you might want to try some of the home solutions, or you might just want to buy everything. It’s up to you. You may need to experiment to find what works the best. 

Here are the materials needed for cleaning cement off tiles: 

  • Pure vinegar 
  • Cement remover (try to get one that matches the cement/grout type used)
  • Hard scrub brush 
  • Dish soap 
  • Scraper – similar to a putty knife
  • Flathead screwdriver – for more intense scraping 
  • Towels 
  • Masks and safety 

With these tools, you should be able to clean up most white cement stains. Let’s start cleaning.

Steps to Remove White Cement from Tiles 

In this section, you’ll get the detailed breakdown on how to remove white cement from tiles. 

Here are the steps to remove the white cement from your tiles:

  1. Clean the floor 
  2. Pour the cleaner/vinegar 
  3. Scrape the large chunks 
  4. Scrub the small stuff 
  5. Polish and clean 

Let’s look at these steps in more depth. If you have especially bad stains, you may need to repeat the process. 

  1. Clean the Floor Before Removing White Cement from Tile 

If the floor is especially dirty, then it will make the whole process a mess. Take some time to sweep the floor first, ensuring no major dirt, dust, or grime rests anywhere near the surface where you are planning to work. 

After you’ve swept, it would also be smart to mop everything up, just to make sure you don’t have any hidden residues that could interfere with your work. 

Once you have everything cleaned up, it’s time to move on to using your cleaner. 

  1. Apply Vinegar or Other Cement Remover to Clean White Cement Stains

After you’ve cleaned the floor, it’s time to apply the cleaner. Now, depending on the type of tile you used and the area you’re in, make sure the cleaner isn’t so strong that it will damage the floor itself. You may want to dilute the vinegar with water.

Also, before you apply any cleaner, double-check that there’s nothing nearby that could be harmed. For example, you wouldn’t want to place the cleaner near any furniture legs, as it could cause itching or peeling. Not good. 

Finally, before placing the cleaner, make sure that the area is blocked off. You don’t want any pets, children, or people walking through and disrupting the cleaner as it works, so wait for a good time. 

If you’re trying to remove large chunks, then you may want to saturate the towel with the vinegar and then lay the towel over the white cement, allowing the vinegar to begin to do the work. You can experiment with different wait times, but many people suggest waiting at least two hours. After that, you can come back and use the hard scrubber to loosen everything up. 

However, if you’re just cleaning up a light stain, you might be able to get away with just dousing the area with vinegar or cement cleaner, waiting a moment, and then scrubbing everything up with a scouring sponge. 

Alight, now let’s talk about the next step. 

  1. Scrape the Large Stains of White Cement 

Before really giving the floor a super scrubbing, take your scraper and your large flat head screwdriver and chip away any larger parts of the cement, and clean them up before moving on to the smaller, lighter stains. 

Before you begin scrubbing up the cement, take some time to clean up the residue and the dust. If you ignore this step, it will be difficult to get everything cleaned up. 

Note: as you’re chipping away at cement, make sure you keep safety in mind! If there’s any chance that something could go airborne, wear safety glasses. Also, watch out for how you’re swinging the screwdriver – always keep it moving away from your body. You don’t want to accidentally stab yourself! 

  1. Scrub the Stains in Sections  

Now, it’s time to scrub the stains. However, if you’re cleaning a large space, you don’t want to do this haphazardly. Otherwise, you’ll end up leaving a lot of grime behind. 

Here are the steps to do this correctly. First, break up the area into sections. Then, start with one section at a time and work your way around the area, scrubbing up one area and then cleaning as you go. Why is this important? 

If you try to do the whole area as one big section, you could end up with a few issues. First, you’ll b crawling around and potentially getting a bunch of grime on your hands and knees – creating another mess that needs to be cleaned. Second, you could see some areas beginning to dry again, leaving small stains behind. 

So, scrub along in sections, making sure to clean up as you go. Alright, let’s go to our final step. 

  1. Polish and Clean 

Finally, it’s time to give the entire area a good cleaning. You may be able to use soap and water, or if you have a specific tile cleaner, you can use that to scrub everything up. 

After everything is clean and you’re happy with your work, you can take the time to seal it. Why seal it? Well, sealing does several things. 

First, sealing will make it just look better. Second, the sealed surface will resist stains on the tiles and in the grout junctions. Not only that, but it will make it easier to clean up any future stains. 

Alright, now that we’ve learned how to clean up white cement stains on your tiled floor, let’s talk about how to prevent these stains in the first place.  

How to Prevent Cement Stains During Tile Work 

The best way to speed up the cleaning process is to avoid the mess in the first place. To prevent white cement from staining your tiles, you’ll need to take care while you install the tile. How do you do this?

Well, just like cleaning the tile, you need to do one section at a time. Place the tile, and then scrub and clean the surface. After you’ve done one section and you’ve ensured there are no cement stains, you can move on to the next section. 

Second, make sure you don’t wait too long after the tile has been set to clean up the stains. The longer you wait, the more likely the stains will take a deeper hold and be difficult to remove. 

Alright, let’s answer a common question. 

What Will Dissolve White Concrete? 

If you’re looking for a good cleaning agent for white concrete, then phosphoric acid might be the top choice. This solution is commonly used for cleaning up concrete used during stone laying or tile work. Just make sure you follow the instructions on the packaging and take all safety precautions. 

Key Takeaway on Cleaning White Cement Stains Off Tile 

To clean up white cement stains, you need to ensure you have the right materials and the right process. You can use vinegar to soak and dissolve the stains, then go over everything with a scrub brush. Give it a good cleaning and top it off with some sealant. Your tile floors will look better than ever!