How to Build a DIY Bathroom Light Fixture from Ceiling

DIY bathroom light fixture

Having proper and functional lighting in the bathroom is important, but it’s just as important that you like the way it looks. It’s probably where you spend the morning getting ready for the day. Focused activities, like putting on makeup or shaving, can benefit from thoughtful lighting. Changing the lighting is one of the quickest ways to transform the overall …

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How to Make a DIY Bathroom Mirror Frame

DIY bathroom mirror frame

When updating a bathroom, one slice of the budget usually goes to a bathroom mirror. The goal is to make an awesome looking mirror but at the same time, not spending too much money. Typically most bathrooms have a raw mirror attached to the wall with J hooks or brackets. Instead of replacing it, I’ve built a DIY rustic bathroom …

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How to Make and Install DIY Cabinet Doors and Drawer Covers for Bathroom Vanity

DIY Bathroom Vanity Cabinet doors

Bathroom remodeling is the most common home improvement project, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Whether you’re remodeling from scratch or simply want to refresh an outdated look, you should always consider the budget before starting. It’s so tempting to just purchase a new bathroom vanity or sinks. But when you look at the price tag, you wonder if there’s …

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How to Refinish the Bathroom Vanity Top with Epoxy Resin

Bathroom Vanity with DIY Epoxy Resin

Have you ever wanted to replace your bathroom vanity top? Maybe you didn’t like the color or you wanted something more stylish. But after shopping around you were surprised at the cost? Especially if you have a non-standard, custom length vanity top, the price doubles. Personally, I was shocked to see an estimate of $1000 to cut a custom vanity …

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How to Build a DIY Pallet Wood Picture Frame

DIY Reclaimed Wood Frame Sign

A few years back during the winter, our old backyard fence fell due to strong winds. Over the years the 4×4 post gets rotten from rain and moister and eventually falls apart. At that point, the post and the fence need to be replaced. I had to disassemble the old fence before installing the new one, but instead of throwing …

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How to Make a DIY Wood Candle Holders

DIY Wood Candle Holder

I think every woodworker has a pile of leftover scrap wood from other projects. Typically, I don’t throw away small wood pieces and try to use them on small wood projects. So using some of the leftover wood from my scrap pile, I’ve made these DIY Wooden Candle Holders for our dining table. If you love candles, this might be …

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