Why Do People Not like Switching to LED Bulbs?

Changing to LED light bulb

Are you wondering why people don’t like switching to LED lightbulbs? There are many reasons people may avoid making the switch (and we’ll talk about them in detail). However, you may also wonder if switching to LED light bulbs is worth it.  Some people do not like switching to LED bulbs because they are unfamiliar, more expensive, and cast a …

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Which Is Better for Flooring, Marble, Granite, or Tile? 

tile floor

Which should you choose for flooring, marble, granite, or tile? If you’re wondering about the best flooring, you’ve found the right article. Below, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of these three types of flooring. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to make the best choice for your situation.  Tile is the most budget-friendly option, but …

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Simple Ways to Remove Dried White Cement from Tiles

washing cement off floor tile

Are you trying to learn how to remove dried white cement from tiles? This article will show you a few techniques to get this done safely and efficiently. As it happens, cement can be a tricky thing to remove. The water and moisture tend to hide this stuff until it’s dry. By then, it’s too late to easily clean up. …

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Is it Safe to Change a Light Fixture if the Switch is Off?

changing light fixture

Are you wondering if it’s safe to change a light fixture if the switch is off? Electricity isn’t something to mess with. You must understand the risks and know how to mitigate danger before changing a light fixture.  Changing a light fixture with just the switch off is not safe. There are numerous reasons it’s wise to turn off the …

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Does a Ceiling Fan Use Less Electricity at a Lower Speed?

ceiling fan

Are you wondering if your ceiling fan uses less electricity at lower speeds? In this article, we’ll try to tackle this question and offer some nuances and insight on saving energy. We all want to save as much cash as we can during the summer months while still staying cool. Let’s figure this one out.  You will save power in …

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Which Uses Less Electricity, Ceiling Fan or AC Fan Mode?

ac termostat

Are you curious which uses less electricity between a ceiling fan and an AC unit in fan mode? People have questions about AC fan mode vs. a ceiling fan and which is more efficient. Here’s what we know.  The AC fan mode often uses more energy than a regular ceiling fan. However, this will depend on the type of ceiling …

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