Is Building Your Own DIY Furniture Worth It?

building your own furniture

Building a piece of furniture is rewarding. Whether creating a simple bookshelf for your office or making a couch. Constructing DIY furniture is fun. However, fun only takes us so far. You may wonder – is it worth my money? Is building furniture a waste of time?  In this article, we will help you navigate through this decision.  Building your own DIY …

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Is Softwood Good for Making Furniture?

softwood furniture

Softwood can be confusing. Will it work for furniture? In this article, we share some of the insider secrets. Not all softwood plays by the same set of rules. Being informed ensures that you have the best experience when crafting furniture.  You can use softwood for furniture. Pine, cedar, and fir are all common options. Softwoods provide several advantages, including …

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Why Do 2x4s Have Rounded Edges? (Solved!)

Why do 2x4 have rounded edges

For some woodworkers, rounded edges, also known as a radius edge, may seem like an inconvenience, seeing how a sharp edge may be required anyway for the task they’re looking to accomplish. There are many reasons for your 2×4 to have rounded edges, which are mainly also its benefits. 2×4 have rounded edges as it’s very beneficial to the wood …

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Is Woodworking Hard to Learn? (Explained!)

Is woodworking hard to learn

Woodworking is a rewarding hobby and a career. However, many believe it’s too difficult to become a proficient woodworker or that you need some┬áspecial abilities.┬áSo is woodworking hard to learn? When starting a new hobby, remember – you’re a beginner. Focus on learning the craft, not being an expert on your first day. Woodworking isn’t hard to learn, but it takes hard work to …

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What Causes Wood to Warp and How to Fix it?

What causes wood to warp

Have you ever bought 2x4s to work on your DIY project and then realized that the boards are twisted and warped? Especially when you have made all the cuts and tried to assemble the project, the pieces don’t line up. Or sometimes, a few days later after the project is complete, you notice that your project is deformed because the …

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How Do You Make Heat Resistant Wood?

Heat Resistant Wood

Wood is the most stylish and durable building material for your home but, it is always prone to heat and fire. Or what if you’re building a wood project that will likely have hot items on it. So, how do you make wood heat resistant? I did some research and this is what I found.  No doubt wood is the …

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