How to Build a DIY Planter Container with Corrugated Steel

DIY Planter Container with corrugates steel

I’ve heard someone say “growing your own food is like printing your own money”. But besides the money, there are many benefits of growing fruits and vegetables in your garden. For some of us, growing vegetables in a container is the only option. The secret is, most vegetables actually grow really well in containers. I’ve designed and built a DIY …

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How to Build a DIY Wood Go-Kart

DIY Wood Go-Kart

When I was a kid, I always wanted to have some kind of buggy on wheels or a cart that I could have fun rolling down the hill. Or even take turns with my brother bushing each other down the street. Now that my kids are that age, I decided to make a DIY Wood Go-Kart using the extra wheel …

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How to Build a DIY Bar Stool

DIY Bar Stool

There are a few reasons you might want to build your own custom DIY bar stool for your seating. Maybe you’re a budding woodworker looking for a challenging furniture project. Or maybe you want to save some money by building it yourself instead of buying it from a store. Or maybe you just prefer the look and feel of a …

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