How to Make a DIY Outdoor Swing Bench

DIY outdoor swing bench

Is there anything better than heading out to the porch with your morning coffee, to relax on a swing bench? Hop on, sway for a bit and you’re transported to a stress-free zone. Even the simplest porch swing offers a taste of gracious living. If you decide to build a DIY Outdoor Swing Bench, I created the plans just for …

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How to Build a DIY Sand and Water Play Table for Kids

Kids love playing with water. Whether it’s in the bathtub, running through water puddles, or simply splashing in the pool. Water play stimulates their senses (touch, sound, sight) and is oftentimes calming. There are many different ways kids could play with water and one of them is to build a DIY Sand and Water Play Table. Follow the plans I …

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How to Build a DIY Wooden Tool Box

DIY Wooden Tool Box

Every so often my son asks me to give him a simple project to work on. So we both agreed to make a DIY Wooden Tool Box so that he could store and organize his future tools. Currently, he doesn’t have many tools, but as he grows up he’ll be able to help with more complicated projects. I precut the …

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How to Build a DIY Cornhole Scoreboard

DIY Cornhole Scoreboard

Earlier this month I’ve built a set of Cornhole Boards and my wife made the Bag for the game. As an addition to this set, I’ve built a DIY Cornhole Scoreboard that matches to colors of cornhole boards. When playing a game it’s always nice to keep a score on a board. This makes the game more enjoyable that you don’t have to worry …

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How to Make Your Own Set of Cornhole Bags

DIY Cornhole bags

Today, many people play the cornhole game to relax and unwind! It’s a very popular game to play at parties or friend gatherings. One of the essential parts of this game is to have good quality bean bags. It this tutorial, I will show you how to make your own DIY cornhole bags that will last you a long time.  …

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How to Build a Set of DIY Cornhole Boards

DIY Cornhole Boards

One of the simplest lawn games ever invented is the cornhole game, also known as the bean bag toss game or baggo. Although the origins of this game are still unknown, it has been around for many years. Cornhole is an awesome game for hundreds of reasons. One of them is simply having fun with people you enjoy being around …

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