How to Build a DIY Pallet Wood Picture Frame

DIY Reclaimed Wood Frame Sign

A few years back during the winter, our old backyard fence fell due to strong winds. Over the years the 4×4 post gets rotten from rain and moister and eventually falls apart. At that point, the post and the fence need to be replaced. I had to disassemble the old fence before installing the new one, but instead of throwing …

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How to Make a DIY Wood Candle Holders

DIY Wood Candle Holder

I think every woodworker has a pile of leftover scrap wood from other projects. Typically, I don’t throw away small wood pieces and try to use them on small wood projects. So using some of the leftover wood from my scrap pile, I’ve made these DIY Wooden Candle Holders for our dining table. If you love candles, this might be …

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How to Make a DIY Kids Growth Ruler

DIY kids growth ruler

The best thing about memories is making them! Recording your child’s milestones and memories can be cherished for many years. When our kids started to walk we would record their heights on the wall inside the closet. We would write their name and the date next to the line to show how high there were. But as the years passed …

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How to Build a DIY Floating Shelf with an Opening for a Plant

DIY Floating Shelf for a Plant

No matter how big your house is, you’ll always find yourself needing more space for declutter. There are many different ways to declutter and organize without ruining the look of the house. One of the solutions to this problem of space is installing floating shelves. These shelves provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance and can be very useful in virtually every …

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How to Build a DIY Live Edge Mirror

DIY Live Edge Mirror

After building a 6 drawer dresser for our bedroom, I wanted the dresser to have a mirror above it. I had an old mirror from a closet door that was sitting in my shack for many years. So I wanted to use it but I didn’t want to hang a raw mirror on a wall. I went searching for different …

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How to Make a DIY Indoor Plant Stand

DIY Indoor Plant Stand

According to the Healthline website, studies show that there are many benefits of having indoor plants. Studies vary in results, but all have a positive outcome ranging from increased productivity in the workplace to happier mood and stronger relationships. None of these studies have found evidence of negative outcomes of having indoor plants. So to promote a healthier environment in the house, …

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