Does a Vanity Need a Backsplash in the Bathroom?

bathroom vanity backsplash

A question for anyone who is remodeling their bathroom, recently moved into a new house, or just got a new vanity: should you get a backsplash for it? According to¬†Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a backsplash is a vertical surface of tiles that is designed to protect the wall behind a countertop. But is there really a need for it? Should every single …

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How to Install a DIY Multi-Room Whole House Fan

multi-room whole house fan

Living in California where the temperature gets over 100 degrees in the summer, it gets very expensive to cool down the whole house. The air conditioner needs to run most of the day to keep the house comfortable. We all know that due to climate change the temperature most likely will continue to rise. That means our energy bills will …

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Are whole house fans worth the money?

whole house fan

With the temperature rising due to climate change, is installing a ducted whole house fan worth the money to save on AC costs? How does the whole house fan work and will it reduce my AC cost? I did some research and this is what I found.   A correctly installed and maintained Whole House fan system provides a very …

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