How to Make a DIY Indoor Plant Stand

DIY Indoor Plant Stand

According to the Healthline website, studies show that there are many benefits of having indoor plants. Studies vary in results, but all have a positive outcome ranging from increased productivity in the workplace to happier mood and stronger relationships. None of these studies have found evidence of negative outcomes of having indoor plants. So to promote a healthier environment in the house, …

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How to Make a DIY Toilet Paper Holder Cloud

DIY Cloud Toilet Paper Storage

Ever went through every drawer in hopes of finding that one last roll of toilet paper? Well, to fix this problem I’ve built a DIY Cloud Toilet Paper Holder. As soon as you walk through that bathroom door, and from one glance you will know exactly how much toilet paper you’re dealing with. One of the most concerning things about …

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How to Build a DIY Wood Go-Kart

DIY Wood Go-Kart

When I was a kid, I always wanted to have some kind of buggy on wheels or a cart that I could have fun rolling down the hill. Or even take turns with my brother bushing each other down the street. Now that my kids are that age, I decided to make a DIY Wood Go-Kart using the extra wheel …

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How to Make a DIY Mail and Key Organizer

DIY Mail and Key Organizer

If you’re constantly looking for your lost car keys, there’s a solution to this problem. I’ve made plans for a simple DIY Mail and Key Organizer that you could build in an hour. Now you could have all of your keys in one organized location. This key organizer also has few shelves for your mail or other small items. I’ve …

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How to Build a DIY Dining Table with Cross Legs

DIY Dining Table

My wife’s parents had an old dining table for over 15 years that had to be replaced. My wife suggested to come up with a design and build a functional table considering the floor layout. Their small dining area sits right next to the kitchen with cabinets that divide the two. With a limited amount of space in their small …

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How to Make a DIY Wood Table Centerpiece for Flowers

DIY wood table centerpiece

Recently I came across an awesome technique that was used by the Japanese in the 18th century called Shou-Sugi-Ban. Traditionally, the practice was used to weatherproof the wood by charring it with fire. This ancient technique has been rediscovered and reinvented to produce beautiful results. Using the Shou-Sugi-Ban technique I’ve made this DIY Wood Table Centerpiece with Flowers. I used …

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